Translation services
Accurate and efficient translations at competitive rates

Cinetique Translations employs specialist translators with extensive experience to give you a quality product delivered on time. Contact us for a free-of-charge quotation today.

Qualified language specialists
Cinetique Translations works with qualified language professionals who specialise in technical, scientific and medical translation and work only into their native language. This guarantees a correct and ‘natural-sounding’ translation for your target audience. We also employ bilingual scientists and engineers with expert language skills who act as consultants and researchers to further ensure a technically accurate product.

High standards for customer satisfaction
All translation jobs follow a stringent procedure of preparation, execution, verification and feedback:

  • A project manager liaises between clients and translators to ensure that all expectations and specifications are met.
  • Our translators use state-of-the-art translation memory software to ensure consistent terminology across multiple projects.
  • All of your translations are checked for linguistic and terminological accuracy by independent proofreaders.
  • The final document is also checked to make sure that it meets the project specifications, with particular attention paid to typesetting, document format and layout.
  • After delivery, we contact you to make sure the final product is to your satisfaction, taking on board any feedback you may have regarding the project and our performance.

If you require your translated document to be certified, we offer free certification as part of our standard translation services package.

Building an ongoing partnership with our clients
When you work with Cinetique Translations you enjoy the benefits of our commitment to continual development in the field, which includes close collaboration with our clients. While we provide project management as a standard feature of all translation jobs, we also welcome client involvement at all stages of the project.

To view a list of some of our end clients, please click here.

Committed to quality
Cinetique Translations is committed to quality at every stage of the translation process. Click here to read more about our quality assurance procedures.



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