Areas of expertise

Cinetique Translations can accept, translate and deliver a wide variety of digital file formats. We also have experience of translating a wide variety of document types for a range of subject areas and industries. Click the links below to find out more.

File formats

Cinetique Translations can translate a variety of file formats, including:

  • Access
  • Adobe Acrobat (for PDF files)
  • Corel Ventura Publisher
  • Excel
  • FrameMaker
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Macromedia Freehand
  • PageMaker
  • PhotoShop
  • PowerPoint
  • QuarkXPress
  • Scripting languages such as ASP, JSP, INC, HTML, SGML and XML
  • Word

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Document types

From birth certificates to user manuals containing hundreds of pages, we also have extensive experience translating a variety of document types for a wide range of subject areas:

User guides, publications, presentations, brochures, press releases, websites, books, marketing materials, administrative documentation, patents, marketing documentation, reports, software, tape transcriptions and e-mails

Industry and technology
material safety data sheets, assembly instructions, guidelines, operating and instruction manuals, patent applications, policies and procedures, practices and recommendations, products specifications, project management procedures, tender documents, glossaries and indexes

Medicine, pharmacology and life sciences
Clinical practice guidelines, clinical studies, diagnostic guidelines, drug dosage schedules, medical charts, medical test guidelines, medication guides, pharmaceutical guides, patient information and history records and scientific papers

Marketing and advertising
Advertising documents, articles, brand and generic names, catalogues, corporate communications, descriptions of services, industry information, industry newsletters, sales materials, flyers

Legal documents for all areas
Agreements, contracts, licensing requirements, regulatory issues

Humanities and social sciences
Human resources documentation, training tools and resources, curriculum units, educational materials, lesson plans, bibliographies

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Industries and sectors served

Industry and technology
Aerospace engineering, architecture, bioengineering, biochemistry, chemical engineering, chemistry, computer hardware and software, construction, electrical and electronics, energy, information technology, laboratory instrumentation, manufacturing, mechanical engineering, nano-technologies, nuclear, product development, quality control, telecommunications

Medicine, pharmacology and life sciences
Analysis and methodology, bio-systems, cellular biology, chromatography, civil engineering, clinical research, dentistry, embryology, genetics, healthcare, holistic therapies, lab equipment, lab practice, microbiology, neuroscience, nursing, nutrition, pathology, pharmaceuticals, physiology, physiotherapy and ergotherapies, primary care, surgery, toxicology

Environmental protection and environmental technology
Agronomy, air and noise pollution control, energy efficiency, environmental protection, forestry, hazardous materials, recycling, renewable energy technologies, soil rehabilitation, waste management, water treatment

Humanities and social sciences
Art restoration, cinema, criminology, education and training, human resources, intercultural communication, languages, music, pedagogy, applied psychology, sociology

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