Project management
Ensuring quality through dedicated management of your project

Cinetique Translations provides dedicated project management as an integral part of all of our services. We also offer 'stand-alone' management services for your multilingual projects. Contact us today to see how you can benefit from our project management service.

We follow a rigorous four-step process of collaboration, communication, verification and feedback for all projects, regardless of their size or scope:

In-depth client


and feedback


Continuous communication
and adaptation


and delivery



In-depth client collaboration

  • We work closely with you to determine the scope and specifications of your project.
  • We then liaise with our team to schedule resources and identify any project-specific issues that need to be addressed.
  • This information is then consolidated to produce a final quote and timetable that we review with you to make sure it meets your needs.

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Continuous communication and adaptation

  • Throughout the project life cycle, we provide you with status reports and project updates. Continual contact and feedback ensure that any changes are incorporated into the project, allowing any technical or logistical issues to be dealt with quickly.
  • Meetings, e-mail and telephone conferences are held between project managers and clients to discuss in depth any questions that may arise.
  • Internal project meetings and updates are held between the project manager and the team to make sure that everything takes place on schedule and conforms to the project brief.
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Verification and delivery

  • Rigorous checks are conducted by independent proofreaders and editors to ensure that the project brief has been followed and that terminology, style and formatting are correct. Any changes are indicated and sent back to the team for revision.
  • The edited document undergoes a final quality analysis before receiving final approval by the editor and the project manager.
  • We deliver the final project to you in electronic format and hard copy; your terminology databases are then organised and saved so that they can be used for your future projects.
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Post-project evaluation and feedback

  • We understand that the project life cycle does not end at the delivery phase. That is why we contact you after delivery to make sure that the final product has met your specifications and is to your satisfaction.
  • We believe in maintaining an open dialogue with our clients; we therefore welcome and take on board feedback regarding our projects and performance.

Project management is a standard feature of all Cinetique Translations jobs. However, we know that some clients prefer to manage their own translation projects, while others choose to leave the translation entirely in our hands. We are committed to developing an ongoing partnership with our customers and we welcome your input at all stages of the project

Please contact us to receive more information about how Cinetique Translations can manage your multilingual project for you.

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