About us
Company history

Cinetique Translations began as a one-woman operation in 2002 in Manchester (UK) when Laurence Auffret, a lecturer in translation at the University of Manchester and a qualified biologist, decided to combine her two areas of expertise: languages and life sciences.

With an initial focus on the European market, the company’s first lines of business included training, management and language services for a variety of clients, including conducting training programmes for science students participating in Erasmus exchange programmes, acting as public relations manager for a number of international artists, managing cultural programmes and preparing Material Safety Data Sheets and labels for laboratory materials used in the French medical industry.

Cinetique Translations has expanded upon its experience in the fields of science, education and project management to offer a full range of language services to an international client base. With its wide network of technical translators, bilingual engineers and consultants, the company draws upon several areas of expertise including engineering, life sciences and environmental technologies.

Cinetique Translations helps its customers develop their relationships and presence in overseas markets by offering practical and professional multilingual support. This is combined with our customised, multilingual services such as translation, interpreting, website localisation, market research and project management.

We are proud to say that our first customers are still with us today. If you would like to see a list of some of our end clients, please click here.



Cinetique Translations, Studio 3, 8 Lower Ormond Street, Manchester M1 5QF, UK      Vat No. GB 906 834806