Website localisation
Making your website work for your target audience

Localisation means translating more than just words
Success in a global market means more than just translating your website into multiple languages; it also means making sure that your message is appropriate for your target audience, from the correct formatting of dates and currencies and the use of appropriate cultural references to the overall tone and register.

Cinetique Translations uses qualified translators who possess up-to-date technical knowledge as well as IT experts with the necessary linguistic and cultural expertise to create localised websites that work for your target audience. We can translate various scripting languages such as HTML as well as Flash animations and image files.

Free localisation consultation services
Having a ‘localisation-ready’ website means having a marketing tool that can bridge languages and cultures in a way that saves you both time and money. That is why Cinetique Translations also provides localisation advice for businesses who are planning to create a multilingual website or update an existing site.

Our staff can advise you on the best way to create a site that is optimised for localisation into multiple languages, including advice on how to write copy, create graphics or animation files, and organise your website architecture.

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